Regionaal Werkcentrum Groot-Amsterdam
Welcome to the Regional Work Centre for Greater Amsterdam

We hope that you have found a safe home in our region and that you have been able to find some respite here.

Many of you have said that you want to work, and that is possible.

This website has been set up by the municipalities of the Greater Amsterdam Area. It includes information about working here, what you need to be aware of and what you need to do to ensure you can start work with peace of mind.

No work permit needed
No work permit needed

Refugees from Ukraine fall under the ‘Temporary Regulations for Ukraine’ scheme. This means that you can work in the Netherlands without a work permit (tewerkstellingsvergunning, TWV). This exemption applies to all work as an employee and, to qualify, you need an employment contract with an employer. Because of the exemption, an employer will not need to apply for a work permit for you. This means it will be easier to find a job if you want to work.

What you need to arrange and who you need to contact
✔ Step 1. Make sure you have a place to stay

If you do not have a place to stay, report to the Humanitarian Service Point at Amsterdam Central Station (east side).

If you already have a place to stay you can register with the municipality where you are staying (see step 2).

✔ Step 2. Register in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP)
  • If you have a Ukrainian passport or identity card, you can register at the municipality where you live (BRP).
  • If you do not have any identity papers, contact the Ukrainian Embassy in The Hague.
  • If you are a refugee recognised by Ukraine or have a valid Ukrainian residence permit, you can register with the municipality where you live (BRP).
  • If you do not have a valid Ukrainian residence permit or papers, contact the Ukrainian Embassy in The Hague.

Below is a list of the websites of the municipalities in the Greater Amsterdam work region. Check carefully what the visiting hours and rules about making appointments are in the municipality where you are staying. These can differ per municipality.

Municipality of Aalsmeer

Municipality of Amstelveen

City of Amsterdam

Municipality of De Ronde Venen (In Dutch only)

Municipality of Diemen (In Dutch only)

Municipality of  Haarlemmermeer(In English only)

Municipality of Ouder-Amstel (In Dutch only)

Municipality of  Uithoorn (In Dutch only)

For general information about BRP registration for refugees from Ukraine, please visit the website of the Dutch government.

✔ Step 3. Apply for a citizen service number (BSN)

To be able to work in the Netherlands, you need a citizen service number (burgerservicenummer, BSN). When you register with the municipality where you are staying (see step 2) you will receive a BSN.

✔ Step 4. Arrange health insurance

Everyone who wants to work in the Netherlands must have health insurance. This also applies to refugees from Ukraine. You can find more information on Refugee help.

Finding a reliable employer
Finding a reliable employer

There are many ways to look for work. Through temporary employment agencies, through trusted job boards and other platforms on the internet, or directly with employers. A number of municipalities in our region also provide direct assistance in looking for work. It is important that your employer is trustworthy and offers legal work.

Looking for work through temporary employment agencies:

Temporary employment agencies (uitzendbureaus) are a common way of finding work in the Netherlands. An employment agency connects people who are looking for work and companies that want to hire people. If you register with a temporary employment agency, the agency will look for suitable work for you. If the employment agency has found work for you, it will discuss this with you and with the employer who may then hire you through the employment agency.

If you and the company both agree, you are then employed by the employment agency:

  • You work as a temporary employee for the employer through the employment agency
  • As a temporary employee, you will be given a temporary employment contract (a type of employment agreement) with the agency.
  • The agency also pays your salary.

Largest employment agencies in the region:

Frequently asked questions about working in the Netherlands
Questions about working hours, holidays, childcare, travel costs

For questions about issues such as working hours, holidays, childcare, travel costs etc, please check Refugee help.

I am self-employed / have my own company in Ukraine, can I work for Dutch companies?

Refugees from Ukraine are not yet allowed to work as a self-employed person in the Netherlands. Click here  for more information.

Information for employers

If you want to hire someone from Ukraine, check the  Employers Service Point for Greater Amsterdam website for more information. They also offer advice on a range of work related issues.

Questions about workers’ rights or problems

For questions about workers’ rights, please visit:

What should I do if I suspect an employer of exploitation?

Many people want to help, including employers. Unfortunately, not everyone acts in good faith. Be careful not to end up in the wrong hands. Read more about this at Comensha, the coordination centre against human trafficking, which has information on their website in Dutch, Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Always report anything you are not sure about. You can contact Comensha at 033 448 1186 (available 09:00 – 17:00) or mail to


Contact the Regional Work Centre for Greater Amsterdam
Contact the Regional Work Centre for Greater Amsterdam

If you have questions, you can call us on workdays (Monday-Friday, 09:00 to 17:00, English or Dutch) on 020 252 7029.

You can email us at: (also in Russian or Ukrainian)